residential categories


The esemble of premises that constitute a family’s home, typical for multi-family dwellings.

penthouse - attic

The top floor of a building, usually set back from the facade and equipped with a terrace


Originally the space intended for manufacturing or as warehouse, later recovered and adapted for housing.

historical buildings

Those buildings that represented our roots, source of our culture and remembering of our identity over the centuries


From rural residence to structure of representation, even intended for physical and intellectual pleasures

rustic - stone house

The rural house is as a work tool ... nothing is useless, nothing is unnecessary, everything was born out of needing


"..How did these people dig and lined up so much stones? Due to his people’s industriousness."


Once farm often fortified as expression of the large estates, essential for territory’s overseeing and garrison also.


Italian landscape, as well as some suburbs of the city are decorated with thousands of villas and residences that are a major attraction for those looking to enjoy the Italian way of life, to immerse themselves in the Dolce Vita. In addition, the typical buildings of rural architecture have recently become the reference residence for the return to nature. Here are some examples of country residences.


From rural residence to structure of representation, even intended for physical and intellectual pleasures


born as center for agricultural organization besides a place of recreation. Villas as agricultural ensemble then, but even monumental villas.


used for territory’s defense purpose primarily, later a well-being’s index, now a sign of the need to recover a man-nature relationship


changed by architectural styles over the centuries, re-defined by local materials and budgets availability


Simpleness of towers and courtyards, with any pomp. Stairways, exedras and wide volumes, in any case loggias open to nature

ornamental elements

fountains, friezes, volutes, lanterns, stuccoes and mural frescoes, balustrades, locks, weathervanes, shelves, and many more.

Piazza della Scala Apartment –  Mini- apartment at Trastevere’s district, with a sweeping view overlooking Piazza della Scala.

Casa via Frattina apartment –  Luxury apartment placed in the very Rome’s city centre, close to via Frattina and via del Corso’s corner. Lift equipped and prestigious in his joineries.

San Samuele-Pool Apartment –   Located at San Samuele Pool, in the San Marco Sestiere neighborhood- Venice. Distributed on 2 levels, widely overlooks historical Palazzo Pisani’s courtyard.