knowledge of the area

DIONISI PROPERTY staff knowing deeply the territory in which it operates. Knowledge of places, even less known, is a fundamental requirement in order to provide a wider number of solutions to offer to customers. On the contrary, a limited knowledge of the territory and of the people who live in it, limits one's own ability to carry out the work consequently.

Knowing the area is a key point for those who manage, plan or simply for those who live there, because it connects harmonically and functionally each intervention with the pre-existing context, as well as a way to defend consciously one’s living space. For doing so, it is necessary to know how to give meaning to territorial objects, by identifying their historical, cultural, physical and environmental values in order to understand economic and social history interweaving across.

A successful real estate agent, that is, has a boundless love for their territory; LOVES the people who live there and can prove it by their way of dealing with a problem. His work assumes an unsatisfactory desire to help people realize their dreams but also an irrefutable knowledge of the territory in which he operates.

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