sale or management

Here we are at the final step, where the heir realizes what kind of income he wants to get from the already redeemed property.

Whether you are a sole owner or share the property, ignoring how the market works in this way could confuse ideas or making things more difficult than they really are.
Whatever your choice will be, it’s better to choose with a medium-long term perspective, ‘cause changing your mind along the way increases expenses considerably.
Sale’s proceedings are similar the purchases’ ones in fact, respecting the selling customer, a good strategy will allow saving double taxation’s costs for example (costs that arise from property’s declared value).
If you’d better esteem, on the other hand, to manage the property, we can help determining costs and benefits of management you’ve chosen, we can also show leasing incomes’ options, providing relevant information in advance to weigh decision with more criterion.
However, either you prefer to sell or to rent, you’d better have a strategy and a prior planning of pros and cons: we will be happy to share information from insiders’ as a proper guide especially on taxation issue.