our features

The most important challenge to DIONISI PROPERTY is to translate the values that represent us, the principles with which we identify ourselves into practical and effective actions …

facts matter more than words

Our main features, which have been constantly refined over the years, are business relationships also with foreign customers, the integration into our service of all the components related to the purchase, renovation and management of a property. In addition, the complexity of the sector has made it necessary to implement careful digital management of all business operations, real estate marketing supported by cutting-edge technology for the sector and a deep knowledge of the area in which we operate.

the benefits of the service

customers & markets
In an era of radical changes, it is necessary to be constantly updated on technologies and ways of communicating, in order to then interact appropriately with increasingly vast markets and aware and demanding customers.

integrated property services
In 2002 he was created an Anglo-Italian company, of integrated property services to provide valuable support to domestic and foreign customers interested in property in Italy. This solution has allowed customers to calmly deal with the various phases related to contracting, design and renovation.

customer care
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a strategy for managing all the interactions taken place with potential and existing customers. CRM allows companies to improve their productivity, close more negotiations successfully besides increase customer’s satisfaction and loyalty.

internet & social marketing
The Real Estate industry is changing rapidly, and with it also the way of doing real estate marketing. If previously the preferred ways to sell a house were the publication of real estate ads in magazines and newspapers, now real estate marketing is done on the Internet.

tecnology & multimedia
The new ways of communication and the introduction of new technologies offer great opportunities for the market, and it is for this reason that DIONISI PROPERTY has constantly invested in staff training and in the implementation of cutting-edge instrumentation.

knowledge of the area
Knowledge of the territory is a fundamental starting point for economic operators called to provide adequate information to those who are planning a real estate investment, perhaps to then go and live there.

integrated property services

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project management and real estate management
architectural design, interior architecture and architectural renovation
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