due diligence

Real estate Due Diligence is the complete investigation of a property or real estate assets. It groups all the news that it is good for the buyer to know before proceeding with the purchase; it also helps speed up the purchase and sale times because it collects all the information useful for the transaction in advance.
The real estate Due Diligence service allows you to assign the right value to the property / real estate assets. We carry out a complete analysis from a construction, urban and environmental point of view; we highlight the urban and cadastral compliance, removing doubts about the existence or not of constraints, mortgages or easements and finally, clarifying who should be assigned the property.
DIONISI Property include the Due Diligence service for those who choose us as a real estate broker, but we also provide it exclusively for those who want a third-party professional opinion, as it is of essential importance in ensuring the conditions for a safe sale.