property management

We carefully deal with all fiscal, technical and logistic aspects occur once you have purchased the property; this means that by personally taking care of the different aspects, you will be able to streamline bureaucratic procedures as much as possible, without needing to request services from third parties (lawyer, accountant) who often slow down times and increase costs.
From the fiscal point of view we help in the practices residence related, recommending the most proper financing sources.
Our most requested technical services are property estimates (the commercial value) and property technical evaluations; the Dionisi Group provides an engineer, an architect and a surveyor to give you competent expertise and guiding you in accordance with client’s target and the reference market.
Finally, we provide assistance for all those secondary even not redundant aspects you may have after selling step: from moving to engage utilities from facilities setup to repairs … up to a tailor-made service.
You choose what you want to delegate, which the advice to ask: we will take care to provide you a flawless service.