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Since 2002 oriented towards welcoming international customers, refining the range of services that spin around buying a property.
We know how to recognize your needs and expectations based on your point of view and country of origin.
Each request is unique in its kind, and is handled with discipline and expertise to fulfill your wishes.


buying and selling, granting residence, property management

International customer still looks to Italy and its properties to invest or relocate.
Requirements and services so entail can sometimes turn out to be puzzling, still they reflect deep and essential needs, first of all to recreate around oneself homely elements to his habitat, as well formal services or substantial aspects belong to his origin’s environment.

Therefore, our intervention takes the form of valid support in all phases that precede and follow the purchase: for the renovation and maintenance, from the bureaucratic streamlining to the move, we keep expanding the range of practical services offered to international customers and make it easier for you, as far as possible, a rather important choice in itself.

our added value
Just as it’s true in Italy there is good cuisine, so does that at Dionisi PROPERTY there is an excellent Italian restaurant with integrated real estate services. Value of our services will have the ancient flavor of what is really good, by a slow fire preparation and the careful choice of the best ingredients.

International proceedings
Here there’s a smattering of the ingredients to make up the recipe, finding out what Italian cuisine offers in terms of buying and selling real estate.

Italian residence
By choosing to establish a fixed or elective residence in Italy, you are entering the European internal border with full rights. You will be able to exploit benefits provided for the so-called Schengen area in terms of movement, tourism, study and work; further benefits added to these, those relating to the purchase or sale of a property. You can choose therefore between permanent and elective residence: check the strenghts of typical cuisine and fusion one.

property management
Managing a property is like preparing a processed dish: it is advisable choosing the right ingredients, appropriate suppliers, a careful processing, slow cooking and a certain dosing of patience: here there are all the elements for a successful result served by Dionisi PROPERTY .

This section of services is addressed to you, Italian descendant no matter if from motherly or fatherly line … up to the sixth generation. Perhaps more than a century has passed since your forefathers decided to emigrate seeking fortune, or perhaps a better future. They left their country and relatives with the hidden hope of returning, or with the same unspoken anger of those forced to leave.

You may know they left properties that remained abandoned because heirs couldn’t reach an agreement or perhaps because they are not interested in taking care of them.
Perhaps you have received news you have inherited some property in Italy, but from the distance you haven’t enough elements to figure out how to handle the issue.

If you have come across any of these situations without knowing how to settle them, or they are cases that strike you … familiar, you will find useful informations below, tools to take action, besides a trustworthy team you can rely on for field surveys.

inheritance researches
For this kind of researches we offer lawyers’ accuracy, detectives’ inferring plus the real estate expertise and adequacy in the field.

real estate evaluations
When the inheritance takes form and turns into an asset.

What is the best use you can give it?
How to separate between the inherent, subjective or affective value and market one.

hereditary successions
When a track of your family’s history turns into civil rights and tax burdens.
To accept or to renounce the inheritance: how outsourcing bureaucratic stuffs while maintaining decision-making oversight.

cession or management
What would my family have done in this situation?
I’d better managing the property, have it administered, or sell it directly?

How to find a solution getting along with market trends and demand too?

integrated property services

real estate agency
project management and real estate management
architectural design, interior architecture and architectural restoration
building construction and maintenance - restoration and structural consolidation