We are FIAIP members

Italian Professional Real Estate Agents Federation.

FIAIP is the main trade association for the real estate sector, with about 12 thousand real estate agencies and more than 50 thousand operators.

FIAIP is the reference point for all professionals in the real estate sector as well for Italian families. It is the trade association sector’s leader, recognized by the European Community, with 10,106 real estate agents, 500 credit consultants, 15,200 real estate agencies, and more than 45 thousand operators in the sector (including real estate agents, tourists, credit advisors, real estate promoters, administrators and real estate managers).

Since its foundation, Fiaip guarantees transparency in communication and behavior both towards members as well as the whole real estate sector.
Constant requirements of professional updating for its members put them in the best conditions to provide qualified assistance to customers and consumers, in full compliance with the Ethics and Behavior’s Codes, founding and fundamentals its Federal Statute.