Str. di Colleluna, 05100 Terni TR, Italia
on sale, to be restored €1.760.000 - commercial, tourist facilities
691 main building 7.800 m² - plot land 24.300 m²

Just a short distance from the city center of Terni, we find this commercial property called Colleluna, located in the area of the same name.

Over the centuries, this place has served the surrounding area with very different but equally important functions. Formerly it was a garrison for the control of the territory, recently it has been a place for recreation and aggregation. We are talking about a real estate complex consisting of 7,800 m² commercial spread over several real estate units and a plot of 24,300 m². In the past it hosted one of the largest nightclubs in Central Italy, Mivida, which for years has dominated the scenario of this place. Thanks to its large size, other restaurants have also contributed to make this building complex very popular.

The geographical position, the conformation of the land and the large available cubic volume make this property suitable for carrying out new projects, and to make this enchanting place once again a reference point in the area.

The property is located in a privileged position overlooking the Terni basin, slightly decentralized towards the North-West with an unobstructed 360 ° view. Its geographical position makes it easily reachable from several points.

From the top of this hill it is possible to admire the city of Terni, the Flaminia street, the Terni – Viterbo road junction and Sangemini, home to the famous mineral water. Furthermore, you can enjoy a truly exceptional micro-climate compared to the city of Terni.

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